Sama Recordings, founded in Vienna in 2014, is an independent record label for advanced audio aspects free of aesthetic or genre-based borders and stands for forward thinking music, which enriches both body and soul. We would like to showcase diversive creative approaches in the vast fields of contemporary electronic music – ranging from deep listening music to sweet dancefloor pearls and the more experimental realms of nowadays underground dance music.

The word “sama” functions as a methaphore for listening to meditiative or exstatic music, but is not limited to these ritual forms of perception.

Mostly we are into electronica indulged arrangements with a certain drive, freaky psychedelia and raw and analogue dance music, but we also love to get carried away by athmospherical musical pieces or drones with extraordinary sonorical structures. We care a lot about analog synthesizers, epic basslines, distinctive melodies and mind bustling drum work outs.

No matter what new style hybride they call it or how the music was produced technically, a certain elevating spirit has to radiate from these waves and frequencies we want to present to you.

grounded and spiraled out. the journey continues.