Sama Recordings – founded 2014 in Vienna by Benedikt Guschlbauer – is an independent record label for advanced audio aspects free of aesthetic or genre-based borders and stands for forward thinking music, which enriches body, soul and mind. We would like to showcase diversive creative approaches by international artists active in the vast fields of contemporary electronic music. A certain elevating spirit has to radiate from these waves and frequencies we want to present you.

The arabic term “Samâ” means in the language of mysticism: whirling or listening. During a samâ ceremony, subtle vibrations are created by playing frame drums (daffs) that grasp the heart and also induce mystical trance. Thus Samâ, the art of listening among the Sufis, refers to the perception of inner vibrations. For me personally the word “sama” functions as a methaphore for conscious listening and dancing.

grounded and spiralled out of control. the journey continues.

Text: Benedikt Guschlbauer (October 2020)