Artist: Abandoned Fields

Title: The Time Traveller

Format: Vinyl LP – 200 copies

Catalogue Number: sama003

Label: sama recordings

Release Date / Vinyl LP (200 copies): September 21st, 2020

Release Date / Digital Download: September 21st, 2020

Label Code: AT-AM6

Style: Electronica / Leftfield / Dub / Avantgarde Pop

Label / Press / Licensing inquiries: Benedikt Guschlbauer (E-Mail:, Mobile: +43.660.6856660)

download official release info sheet here (.pdf format, english)


Abandoned Fields will cleanse you. It will lure you out of the tempo of the city and grant you a new temple. In the remotest places, you will find a garden, and there the sounds of life. Abandoned Fields will find you.

Text by warblaydr