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Catalogue Number: samatape010
Label Code: ATAM6

stamped & hand-numbered artwork
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80 copies Limited Edition
no repress

Music & Production: Jip van der Duin
Artwork & Design: Judith Pool and Sim Kaart
Mastering: David Martins
Special Thanks: Stijn van Wees

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Sama Recordings is super delighted to present you the 10th installment of our Limited Edition Cassette releases. Amsterdam based producer Jip van der Duin aka Cantillate delivers his mind-blowing debut album that roams from hypnotic, dub-infused slo mo bangers to wavy Electronica with a special twist Рshiny nuggets for today’s adventurous diggers!

Cantillate was working on his debut album within the last 2 years and he managed to create these 6 exceptional pieces of organic music that breathe vitaly and are not limited to its pure functionality. Embracing genres that others often determine as Downtempo, Cosmic, Kraut or New Wave and equipped with a great sense for Dub effects and organic grooves, skilled drummer and producer Cantillate creates club music for the open minded. All the tracks on this album are a result of a 10 track session all within the concept of the human-machine complex. Vocal samples were ripped from 1960’s movies. Back then the first scientists expressed their concerns about AI and a potential risk that is still just as relevant.

Besides playing and creating music, Cantillate feeds the non-profit organisation ”Veldwerk”. Veldwerk is a new group of artists from Amsterdam that gives a stage to alternative electronic (dance) music. Veldwerk mainly organizes parties outside, where they invite artists for a group session in an intimate setting, open to everyone who feels invited by the music.

Text: Benedikt Guschlbauer