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Catalogue Number: samatape011
Label Code: ATAM6

pink, transparent C50 Cassette
stamped & hand-numbered artwork
including Download Code

100 copies Limited Edition

All songs written produced and programmed by Quixosis 
Artwork & Design: Daniel Lofredo Rota & Lea Schwarz 

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„Descomposiciones“ is a series of parametric experiments with digital degradation of analog sounds, a compositional method based on the decomposition of narratives and breakdown of existing structures.

The original source material from personal analog tapes, used cassettes, failed projects and devastated records spinning for their last time was decomposed by ecuadorian artist Daniel Lofredo Rota aka Quixosis in a process of destruction and decay. He reduced the sounds to its atomic components and then reshaped these sonic fractals to temporary moments of stasis on the path to silence. Each piece of lost history is stretched and pulled until it becomes ethereal.

Quixosis first Ambient release is a poetic attempt to create non-linar music and offers mesmerizing sonic details like synthetic forests, unexpected lullabies and crowds of nostalgia dissolving into dusty particles. Quixosis manages to revive cherished pieces of analog memories and form them into new spaces, where you feel safe and sound – at least for a few moments.

Descomposiciones was produced between 2016-2018 and will be released officially as a limited edition cassette/digital download version on June 15th, 2019 at a live presentation in Vienna. 

Text: Benedikt Guschlbauer / Daniel Lofredo Rota